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HCS’s mission is to reduce the risk of the suspension of production due to component failure. The halt in production not only increases the cost of manpower but also affects company revenue. For years, HCS has been providing robust and appropriate solutions to steel and other industries.

北英鋼的使命是降低因組件故障而導致生產暫停的風險。 停產不僅增加了人力成本,也影響了公司收入。 多年來,北英鋼一直為鋼鐵和其他行業提供強大且合適的解決方案。

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Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

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HCS appreciate your trust in using our solution, and we also encourage you to believe we are developing our solution to the next generation. Our amazing partner based on extensive experience and develops high-quality and innovative solutions that can improve your manufacturing reliability and efficiency. Also, high accuracy and wild operating temperature are the advantages that you can trust. Customized or explosion-proof solution is the other option. Relative accessories and software development are available to be selected.

北英鋼感謝您對使用我們的解決方案的信任,我們也鼓勵您相信我們的合作夥伴正在開發我們下一個次代的解決方案。 我們出色的合作夥伴基於豐富的經驗所開發出高品質和創新的解決方案,可以提高您的製造可靠性和效率。 此外,高精度和寬廣的工作溫度也是您可以信賴的優勢。 客制化或防爆解決方案是另外的選項。 相關配件及開發軟體也可以供選擇。

Detail Evaluation

HCS tread your request seriously, and that’s why we take care of your valuable information step by step.
Before providing the solution, it is essential to explore your request. Once the request has been explored, the next step is to evaluate the feasibility and value of the project. Plan and Scope the Project to identify the resources, required, and creating plan. Once the project plan has been created, the next step is to develop and deploy solution. Monitor and Maintain are the final step to ensure your satisfaction

北英鋼認真對待您的需求,因此我們會一步步保護您的寶貴資訊。在提供解決方案之前,必須先了解您的要求。 一旦瞭解及探討了您的需求,下一步就是評估專案的可行性和價值。 規劃專案並確定其範圍,以確定所需資源並建立計劃。 創建專案計劃後,下一步就是開發和部署解決方案。持續追蹤和維護是確保客戶滿意度的最後一步。

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