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We select the right solution for your needs. No matter how worse of environment is, NSD GROUP different types of products can fulfill your request. From sensor or encoder to controller or accessary, here is the right place to select the right product.

我們根據您的需求選擇適當的解決方案。 無論環境多麼惡劣,NSD GROUP不同類型的產品都能滿足您的要求。 從感測器或編碼器到控制器或配件,這裡絕對有適合的產品。

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Rotary Position Sensor 旋轉式位置感測器

Single turn absolute position sensor, VRE ABSCODER, and Muti-turn absolute position sensor, MRE ABSCODER, uses magnetic reluctance change to measure the angular position. General, water proof, and heavy duty type are depended on your needs.

單圈型絕對位置感測器 VRE ABSCODER 和多圈型絕對位置感測器 MRE ABSCODER 是利用磁阻變化來測量角度位置。 通用型、防水型和重載型取決於您的需求。


Linear Position Sensor 直線型位置感測器

Linear absolute position sensor, Linear ABSCODER, uses magnetic reluctance change to measure linear travel length. Except for general, water proof, and heavy duty type, also provide a special type which sensor is installed inside cylinder.

線性絕對位置感測器 Linear ABSCODER 利用磁阻變化來測量線性行程長度。 除通用型、防水型、重載型號外,還提供感測器安裝在油壓/液壓缸內的特殊型號。


Encoder, Pulse / Network 編碼器 脈衝型 / 網路型

Our new design rotary encoder, ezABSO, uses electromagnetic induction technology to detect motor speed. Pulse count selectable feature provides 16 different pulses outputs to fulfill your different requests. ezABSO network series can be connected up to 42 and 124 units through CC-Link and PROFIBUS.

我們新設計的旋轉編碼器 ezABSO 採用電磁感應技術來偵測馬達速度。 脈衝計數可選功能提供 16 種不同的脈衝輸出,以滿足您的不同要求。 ezABSO網路通訊系列可透過 CC-Link 和 PROFIBUS 連接最多 42 和 124 台。

Converter / Controller 轉換器 / 控制器

Easy connect your position sensor to our digital output converter and make your measurement via binary, gray, or SSI output. Also provide PLC module type to fit Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, or Siemens PLC. Muti-function switch controller provides limit switch on/off output, position & speed digital/analog voltage output, and motion recording functions. Network solution controllers are served as well.

輕鬆將您的位置感測器連接到我們的數位輸出轉換器,並透過二進位、格雷碼或 SSI 輸出進行測量。 另提供適用於三菱、東芝、日立或西門子 PLC 的 PLC 模組類型。多功能開關控制器提供限位開關的開/關輸出、位置和速度的數位/類比電壓輸出以及記錄功能。 也提供網路通訊解決方案控制器。


Magnetic Proximity Sensor 磁性近接感測器

Compared with conductive or inductive proximity sensor, our magnetic proximity sensor, ABSOPX is designed for harsh environment, wild operating temperatures, high humidity, and high-vibration outdoor conditions. Maximum heat resistance is up to 180℃. Vibration and shock resistances are up to 20G and 500G .

與電容式或電感式近接感測器相比,我們的磁性近接感測器 ABSOPX 專為惡劣環境、廣域的工作溫度、高濕度和高振動的戶外條件而設計。 最高耐熱可達180℃。 抗振動和衝擊能力高達20G和500G。

Displacement Sensor 位移感測器

Our solution, EZGAP, uses eddy current technology to measure the distance to iron, stainless, and aluminum. Temperature compensation function and easy calibration setting can reduce temperature change effect and achieve high accuracy. IP67 level and up to 130℃ operating temperature provide high reliability in harsh environment.

我們的解決方案 EZGAP 使用渦流技術來測量到鐵、不銹鋼和鋁的距離。 溫度補償功能和簡單的校準設定可以減少溫度變化的影響並實現高精度。 IP67等級和高達130℃的工作溫度在惡劣環境下提供高可靠性。

Tension Measurement 張力量測

New solution for weight and tension detection provide high durability and flexible interface by creative construction. Our solution, VR TENSION is developed for harsh environments. Heat resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, and chemical resistance are the features. We also offer solution, SMART TENSION, for thread materials, such as fiber or electrical wires.

透過創造性的結構提供高耐用性和靈活的介面用於重量和張力檢測的新解決方案。 我們的解決方案 VR TENSION 專為惡劣環境而開發。 其特點是耐熱、防水、防爆、抗化學藥品。 我們也為纖維或電線等螺紋材料提供解決方案 SMART TENSION。

Accessary and Software 相關配件及軟體

Also offer robust extension sensor cables which connect our sensor solution to converter. Monitor panel is available for displaying measurement data. The parameter software can easily adjust and manage controller settings and data.

還提供堅固的延長感測器電纜,將我們的感測器連接到轉換器。 監控面板可用於顯示測量數據。 參數軟體可以輕鬆調整和管理控制器設定和數據。

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