Harsh coke plant’s environment is the perfect demonstration and application place for our robust product. ABSCODER, rotary position sensor, is used to provide accurate position under dust, dirty, and vibrate conditions, such as coal loading cart. CYLNUC, linear position sensor, is used for back and forth movement on furnace cover lifter, and ABSOPX is used to detect up and down position.

煉焦廠惡劣的環境是展示我們強固產品的完美展示場所。 ABSCODER,旋轉位置感測器,用於在灰塵、骯髒和振動條件下提供準確的位置,例如裝煤車。 CYLNUC,線性位置感測器,用於爐蓋升降器的前後運動,ABSOPX用於偵測上下位置。


ABSOCODER, rotary position sensor, is used on crane hoisting and traveling. ABSOCODER’s high reliability and maintenance-free feature make ABSOCODER becomes ideal solution to reduce replacement frequency. Combine with our controller, VARILIMIT, easy to control the crane status in your system.

ABSOCODER,旋轉位置感測器,用於起重機起升和行走。 ABSOCODER的高可靠性和免維護特性使ABSOCODER成為減少更換頻率的理想解決方案。 與我們的控制器 VARILIMIT 結合,可以輕鬆在控制系統中得知起重機狀態。

Rolling Mill

ABSOCODER is widely applied in rolling mills. No matter in screw-down position or work roll shift roll, ABSOCODER can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Also, ezABSO, encoder with new technology, provides a flexible usage experience for detecting motor speed. One type ezABSO provides 16 different pulse selections.

ABSOCODER 廣泛應用於軋鋼機。 無論是在擰緊位置還是工作移位輥,ABSOCODER 都能承受惡劣的環境條件。 此外,採用新技術的ezABSO編碼器,為偵測馬達速度提供了靈活的使用體驗。 一種類型的 ezABSO 提供 16 種不同的脈衝選擇。


From ladle turret to torch cutter, our solutions are applied on wild field in casting process. ABSOCODER is used to detect the turning angle of ladle turret. Inrodsensor, linear position in cylinder type, is used to measure material thickness between lower and upper rolls in segment soft reduction process. ABSOCODER is also used in extreme high temperature environment, such as torch cutter machine

從盛鋼桶轉塔到火焰切割機,我們的解決方案廣泛應用於鑄造製程領域。 ABSOCODER用於偵測盛鋼桶迴轉台的迴轉角度。 Inrodsensor,汽缸式線性位置感測器,用於測量分段輕壓過程中下輥和上輥之間的材料厚度。 ABSOCODER也用於極端高溫環境,例如火焰切割機。

Flap Water Gate

Flap water gate is one control method to adjust water level. ABSOCODER is used to detect the angle of the water flap gate. INRODSENSOR is applied to measure gate travel length. Because of IP67 and waterproof characteristics, ABSOPX is widely used to detect flip-gate existence as well.

翻轉式水門是調節水位的一種控制方法。 ABSOCODER用於檢測水閘門的角度。 INRODSENSOR 用於測量閘門行程長度。 由於具有IP67和防水特性,ABSOPX也被廣泛用於檢測翻轉門的存在。

Radial Water Gate

Radial movement water gate is used for flood protection or subsidiary equipment of water river dam. ABSOCODER, rotary or linear position sensor, is widely applied in the field. NSD gate controller, ezGATE, is easy to install and maintain in the control system.

徑向移動水閘門用於防洪或水河大壩的附屬設備。 ABSOCODER,旋轉或線性位置感測器,在該領域已廣泛應用。 NSD門控制器ezGATE易於在控制系統中安裝和維護。

Air Knife

In film or separator field, ABSOCODER, rotary position sensor, is implemented to detect air knife position. ABSOCODER’s high reliability can efficiently reduce frequency of component replacement.

在薄膜或隔離膜領域,ABSOCODER(旋轉位置感測器)用於檢測氣刀位置。 ABSOCODER的高可靠性可以有效降低元件更換頻率。

Tender Clip

ABSOCODER is implemented in slack detection on tension clip and chain. Also, INRODSENSOR, linear position sensor, is used on EPC (Edge Position Control) or CPC (Center Position Control). For tension measurement, VRTENSION provides high accurate and reliable selection.

ABSOCODER 用於張力夾和鏈條的鬆弛檢測。 此外,INRODSENSOR線性位置感測器 用於 EPC(邊緣位置控制)或 CPC(中心位置控制)。 對於張力測量,VRTENSION 提供高精度和可靠的選擇。

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